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Yeelight Sense desk lamp compatible with HomeKit

The Yeelight brand presented another product compatible with the Apple ecosystem, i.e. the HomeKit system. A Yeelight Sense desk lamp has joined the group of devices compatible with the House app on the iPhone.

I have to swear that I have not seen such a construction yet. It looks like a crane on a construction site carrying steel rods, scenes known from American films and the GTA series.

Two sensors will check if we have the right light to work

On the front of the "steel bars", there are buttons to control the lamp and indicators indicating whether the lighting of the lamp is suitable for the conditions in the room. You probably heard more than once from your parents, turn on the light because you will break your eyes. Yeelight Sense will ensure that the reading and writing conditions are appropriate for the eyesight.

Yeelight Sense is currently only available in China, but should soon appear online stores offering shipping to the Old Continent.

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