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Yeelight presents an industrial style light bulb compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem
Yeelight edison LED

Do you like retro and industrial style? I am very much. Bare bricks on the walls, electrical installation routed in exposed pipes that blend in perfectly with the rest of the room. Gross surface-mounted switches and cans, all these theoretically ugly elements blend in perfectly and create a beautiful (in my opinion) interior. It's best to convert an old warehouse into an apartment, but hardly anyone goes crazy.

Yeelight Edison LED

Old incandescent bulbs blend well with the industrial style, but the new LED light source hidden behind the milky glass is no longer. That is why LED bulbs in so-called Edison, containing LED rods. This is exactly what the Yeelight brand presented.

Yeelight edison has the power of 6W (700 lumens) with the color temperature of 2700K. The bulb is on the standard, so-called large E27 thread. It is smart, it is compatible with the Mi Home application and Xiao AI, Amazon Alexa virtual voice assistants and a virtual helper from Google. Some sources say that it also works with HomeKit from Apple, but so far I have not found confirmation of this information. With the application or voice, you can not only turn on or off the light bulb, but also dim it.

Yeelight Led edison

Yeelight Edison LED costs 129 yuan in China, or $ 18. Soon, it will definitely appear in stores offering shipping to the Old Continent. In my opinion, it has one minus that can spoil the effect of industrial appearance, namely white plastic. You have to admit that it doesn't look good in the left picture below. There must be a lampshade!

Yeelight already has a product that would blend well with the retro style, viz smart candle.

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