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Ceiling lamp Yeelight with HomeKit support
yeelight ceiling lamp

Yeelight ceiling lamp this is the first lighting product in the smart home ecosystem from Xiaomi that I had the pleasure to test. The lamp made a very positive impression on me, as you can see not only on me because after several dozen months the Yeelight brand decided to refresh the product and the almost identical model went on sale, but improved with a very important function for fans of bitten apple. New ceiling lamp Yeelight is compatible with HomeKit!

I will not write about the appearance of the lamp, because it is identical to the lamp presented three years ago. The same oval shape, the same remote control included in the set, even shines the same. The operating mode has also remained unchanged, it is night and day. For me, the night mode shines strong enough and I practically do not use the "day".


Yeelight and HomeKit, is this a good duo?

Okay, let's focus on the most important function of the new lamp, i.e. integration with HomeKit. We pair the device with the Mi Home application, which in the last step will offer the possibility of pairing with the HomeKit system. After pairing with the Home application, the lamp will automatically appear on other devices with a bitten apple, e.g. a MacBook.

What do we get after pairing? Unfortunately, very limited functionality compared to the dedicated Yeelight application ...

Yeelight Ceiling Light in the Home app only offers the ability to turn on / off, change the light output and color temperature. The lamp works in "day" mode all the time, it is not possible to switch to night mode, which is my default one. There are also no ready scenes that are available in the Yeelight app. The plus is that the lamp is available in three applications simultaneously: Home / Yeelight / Mi Home. Yeelight and Mi Home operate slowly but have full functionality. The Home app is by far the fastest, unfortunately it doesn't offer all the features.

I honestly say that I use the benefits of HomeKit very rarely. I found another setup that perfectly meets my needs ...

The perfect solution? Yeelight dimmer + scenes!

For me, the perfect solution is to use the Yeelight dimmer, which I wrote about here. With its help you can smoothly adjust light output, color temperature and operating mode (day / night). All this without the need for integration into the electrical installation, the dimmer can be glued in place of the usual switch. I use the dimmer most often because it is in my opinion the fastest and most practical solution.

In addition, I use ready-made scenes that I have programmed at a set time. At 21.30, a stronger light is activated and this is the time to read a book, and from 22, the light begins to dim until it is completely turned off. At 4: 55, 5 minutes before the alarm clock the "good morning" scene is activated and a soft light is turned on, which makes waking up more pleasant. Later, he manually operates the dimmer so as not to disturb other household members, and see something :).

yeelight ceiling lamp


Is it worth buying a new Yeelight lamp with HomeKit support? If you have an older model, I don't think so. In case you are just looking for lamps, I highly recommend Yeelight, in my opinion there are no better lamps than what Yeelight presents.

Yeelight ceiling lamp gateway

Finally, technical issues: the maximum lamp power is 28W and is dedicated to rooms up to 15 metrów kwadratowych. If you have a familiar Xiaomi smart home ecosystem, I will add that the Yeelight lamp can act as a BLE Gateway gate to operate thermometers.

Here link to the store where I bought a Yeelight lamp.

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