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Yeelight Ceiling Lamp - the first ceiling lamp from Xiaomi

Xiaomi after bulbs, LED bar, night lamp and desk lamp Chinese manufacturer decided to put on sale a ceiling lamp. Yeelight Ceiling Lamp, the first time the Yeelight lighting device has a remote control. Is the latest Xiaomi lamp worth attention? I invite you to the review.

yeelight ceiling lamp

The lamp comes to us in a very elegant carton, the first association - Macbook. You can see a clear pattern on the boxes from the American giant. I think that this is a very good move from Xiaomi. I hope that new products will continue along the same path. Time to open the box, it takes a few magic seconds - we have to grab the edges of the carton, slightly raise, the upper part will slowly begin to disconnect from the bottom, as I already mentioned just like in Macbookes. It can not be pulled out in a second, the opening time is exactly what the manufacturer wanted, you can see that even to the packaging Yeelight made every effort.

yeelight controler
Pilote and Pad for Xbox

It has sides made of plastic. On top is a plexiglass, through which no single diodes can be seen, there are as many as 240, each with the power of 0,12W. The lamp power is 28W, the lumens are 2000Lm. The Chinese manufacturer has used the diodes of the renowned OSRAM brand. The bottom is made of aluminum, which makes the lamp
it is very light, it weighs only 2,2kg.

The assembly was very simple and very comfortable, it took me a long time to unstick the tape from the wire protruding from the ceiling in my room. Just press the two red buttons that are located on the bottom of the lamp, the upper part will detach from the bottom. The set includes wall plugs. I have boards in the ceiling, so I used long screws. I put the bottom on the ceiling, screwed two screws with the screwdriver, the lamp has fast connectors to connect the wires. It took another 3 seconds. It remains to grab the top and press into the part mounted to the ceiling. Latches will jump in and end - the lamp is mounted. If it was not for my struggle with the tape, the assembly would take 10 seconds.

The remote control is made of plastic, it lies comfortably in the hand. It is powered by one Cr2032 battery - the cost in Poland is around 5 PLN. It has six buttons, in the first row there are buttons responsible for switching on and off. Then a button to change the color of the world, and brighten. In the last row, Yeelight placed the scene change and darkened. Pilot communicates with the lamp thanks to Bluetooth technology, the reaction of the lamp on the pilot's command is immediate.

When the power is turned on, the lamp will automatically light up in the default mode, we can start pairing the device with a smartphone. You must install the Yeelight application on the system iOS or Android. After starting up, you must log in to our Mi account, the Yeelight application is automatically linked to the entire ecosystem of the Mi Home application Xiaomi.

yeelight lampyeelight ceiling lampyeelight appTo connect to the lamp, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Add device, just like in the case of Mi Home. We will see all the options available from Xiaomi. We click on Yeelight Ceiling Lamp, we make sure that our device is currently switched on, check the Power on options and click Next, enter the Wifi password and then confirm Next again. Router connects to the lamp, when the process reaches 100%, we can already control the lamp using a smartphone.

Now it's time to pair the remote control, we need to open the battery cover and pull out the white paper protecting the battery. For a moment, we have to turn off the lamp and turn it on again, the evaporation process can only take place within one minute of the lamp being switched on. When the lamp has been "reset" and the battery protection is pulled out, press and hold OFF and M on the remote control. The LED on the controller will start flashing quickly, as soon as it connects to the lamp, it will also change its color for a few seconds, when the flashing stops, we can now control it using the remote control.

After passing the application in our new acquisition, five available buttons appear to our eyes.

yeelight app
Control panel
yeelight ceiling lamp
yeelight ceiling lamp

yeelight app

Four in the bottom row correspond to the following for turning the device on and off, the second from the left is the Sun icon which causes the lamp to shine strongly - daylight. When we go deeper into the Sun option, we get the option of manually controlling the intensity of light and the color temperature. We have to hold the finger on the screen, the up-down movement is responsible for the power, the higher the lamp shines higher. Left-right sets the color of light, the color of 2700K's heat is in the middle, 6700K's cold is because both edges are left and right. Then night mode Moon - as the name suggests is responsible for the delicate light, ideal before going to sleep, we also get the ability to change the intensity of light, the color can not be manipulated any more, it always stays warm. In the last place is the Scene button, there are four ready scenes programmed by Xiaomi programmers. They contain lighting suitable for the given activities, I will come back to them later, at the top we have one more button, three horizontal dashes, they carry us to the settings of the ceiling. We get access to changing the device name, timer function - settings for how long the ceiling has to be automatically turned off, the function works identically to televisions.

The Schedule option is responsible for setting in advance the hours in which the lamp is to be lit, you can select several time intervals as well as with which stage to start at a given time, unfortunately it is not possible to set the intensity of light. Another option to configure is Night Mode, unfortunately the function does not work for me, I tried different configurations and no effect. yeelight appyeelight appDefault Brightness is responsible for the default light, if the lamp is disconnected from the power, for example, the lack of electricity, in this place we can define what should be the light color and intensity, saving the settings in which the ceiling lights at this moment. Developer Mode allows the third application to manage our lighting, the option has great potential in the future, I hope that Xiaomi will not give up this option. For those interested, I recommend reading about Domoticz.

Firmware informs us of the current version of the software, so plafonds and light bulbs come with updates to improve their work. In the next subcategory there are another three options - Unpair - it disconnects the lamp with the Yeelight application, then Remote - in this place there is a virtual pilot with the same set of buttons as we get physically to the lamp. The last option is Mi band after pairing the lamp with our armband from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, we get the ability to automatically turn off the lights when we just fall asleep. Unfortunately I do not currently have Mi Band and I can not confirm the function actually works.

As I have already mentioned, there are four scenes of light to choose from, pre-programmed by the Yeelight team.

  • PC mode (the hottest color)
  • Reading (neutral color)
  • Concentration (cold color)
  • Night Reading (also mom's color as in the Reading scene, darkened)

Personally, I prefer the color of PC Mode the most, I like the yellow color of light.yeelight ceiling lamp

Let's go to the Mi Home application, in this place we can connect our lamp with other devices from the ecosystem
Xiaomi. First, we need to choose what condition is to be met, for example Xiaomi Motion Sensor will detect movement in the room, then Yeelight Ceiling Lamp will perform one of the actions selected by us. Unfortunately, this is the only place where the interface Yeelight Ceiling Lamp has not been translated into English and all shares are in Chinese. Personally, I currently have used in two scenes. Scene number one turns on the lamp when I enter the room, thanks to the application motion sensor. The second scene uses the same sensor, if there is no traffic for two minutes, the lamp turns off.


Yeelight Ceiling Lamp from Xiaomi is in my opinion a very good product, you can see the attention to detail. At the beginning I was skeptical about the pilot, I thought it was superfluous, but I often reach for it. A lamp with a built-in dimmer is a very useful device. I had a wire hanging on the ceiling for a month, I could not find any sensible lamp. Yeelight ceiling lamp works perfectly.

Yeelight Ceiling Lamp I bought in the store for 89.99 $ the parcel was sent by courier DPD, I did not have any additional costs on delivery.

  • Cool recki, lacking such comprehensive about the whole ecosystem Xiaomi 🙂 personally I try on this lamp because I already have a desk-top Smart LED and it is great, the temperature and humidity sensor also help me.

  • Hi. And what does the matter look like after a month of use? With a clear conscience: would you buy a second time? Today I want to order this lighting as the main lighting for the 11m room.

    • I am very happy, I plan to buy one more lamp for another room. The only problem is that I put the remote in different places and I can not find it 😉 I have the lamp attached to the motion sensor from Xiaomi.

    • Yes, 230V lamp. You can power it as you like, if you connect it through a switch on the wall, every time you "cut off" the power and turn it on again - it lights up in the default mode (which you can define yourself) and will not be available for a minute via Wi-Fi / bluetooth . I recommend that the switch on the wall is always on and control the remote control or change to the Xiaomi switch.

  • I have a question. What form of parcel did you choose that the package came without additional charges (VAT, duty)?
    I have to choose
    Priority Line 15 - 25 business days zł58.26
    Europe Express

    Expedited Shipping DHL (SG) 3 - 10 business days zł47.61

    • Select the priority line, the parcel will be sent to France. You receive a new waybill and import DPD. I ordered three large items from Xiaomi and always without VAT. Mostly a week, from the order and the package is with you. If you can buy it from this link You will support the development of the site. Thanks! I hope you'll be just as happy with the lamps as I am.

  • I have a question. What form of parcel did you choose that the package came without additional charges (VAT, duty)?
    I have to choose
    Priority Line 15 - 25 business days zł58.26
    Europe Express

    Expedited Shipping DHL (SG) 3 - 10 business days zł47.61
    I wonder about DHL, but I have heard that VAT / CŁO is almost certain.
    Thanks for the answer.

    • Select the priority line, the parcel will be sent to France. You receive a new waybill and import DPD. I ordered three large items from Xiaomi and always without VAT. Mostly a week, from the order and the package is with you. If you can buy it from this link You will support the development of the site. Thanks! I hope you'll be just as happy with the lamps as I am.

  • Hey. I bought this lamp but for lack of time I have not yet mounted.
    I have one question for users of the xiaomi ceiling lamp, is it and what is the possibility of mounting and controlling two such lamps in the same room next to each other?
    It seems to me that one will give too little light so I consider mounting two next to each other.
    Information for buyers, it is worth looking for the discount codes on the net before buying it for your 72 $.

    • You can combine into groups in the Yeelight application and control all at once. Of course, if you buy a wall switch, you can also control both at the same time. If someone is looking for a promotion, I suggest you look at

  • Thanks for the answer. Today it is on a gearbox from 67.99 so I think it will be tempted and, as I wrote earlier, it will mount two side by side.

  • I have one more question. The Schedules function does not work for me.
    I set the switch on and off time according to Polish time (in the evening I did). I left this setting, and the next day I come home in the afternoon and the lamp shines. Maybe according to the region I set, I have an on and off time to set (Mainland China). Does it work for someone? Anyone could help?

  • Hello, do you think the lamp is enough to illuminate a room with an area 20m2?
    I wonder because this 2000lm is measured taking into account the lampshade is probably yes. It is worse if it is a luminous flux emitted from led, then the diffuser weakens this stream
    I will be grateful for the information

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