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Wi-Fi amplifier from Xiaomi in the Pro version, supports the device 64
Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro amplifier

If you live in a large house, which consists of more than one floor, then you probably have encountered a problem with Wi-Fi coverage. Due to the wires, it is not always possible to set the router in the right place to "cover" the entire house. Empty space can fill mesh routers, this is by far the best solution, but it costs a lot, over $ 200. A cheaper alternative is the Wi-Fi amplifier inserted into the 230V socket or in USB. Today I will present the first variant, Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro 300 Mb / s amplifier.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro 300M amplifier -4

I will start with a minus, the Xiaomi product is adapted to Chinese sockets. It is necessary to use an adapter that you will most likely receive from the store for free, along with the device. There is only one reset button on the amplifier housing to pair with another Wi-Fi network. The product is paired with the Mi Home application, i.e. the Xiaomi Smart Home command center.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro amplifier

After pairing, a new network will appear with the annotation "_plus", for example, generation_mart_plus. The name can of course be changed or by activating the Wi-Fi roaming option the new network will have the same name as the main network, mother.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro amplifier has two antennas with 2dBi power and I must admit that they perform well. At home I have no problem with the range, but the signal booster provided me with Wi-Fi range in the garden. The maximum transmission speed is 300 Mb / s. The device is able to support a maximum of 64 devices, and any connected will appear in the Mi Home application. You can check whether we have uninvited guests.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Pro 300M amplifier I bought in the store Gearbest for $ 16. It's worth a try, maybe it'll patch your black Wi-Fi hole, if the budget doesn't matter, I recommend buying it right away mesh routers.

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