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Xiaomi Roborock T6 - the new improved Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

After several dozen months, Xiaomi decided to refresh its autonomous roborock vacuum cleaner. In the meantime, the Chinese manufacturer presented new variants, but the changes were marginal, mainly related to the color, eg black or pink version. Now is the time for a better device. Xiaomi Roborock T6 can boast of 20% increase in cleaning efficiency and reduce noise during normal operation up to 50%! If you liked to integrate in the cleaning route, the new version is for you, offers dynamic route planning. To start with, a short video:

The new generation presents itself elegantly, and received the iF 2019 award for its design. Improved room mapping is possible due to the installation of a new LDS sensor. The suction power is 2000 PA, but it is quieter especially when working in normal mode and up to 50%. If in the previous generation the vacuum cleaner was suspended on some climbs, the new version should be able to do it. The wheels have been redesigned, which combined with a more powerful drive offers more agile handling of obstacles.

The biggest change is, however, room mapping. Now, Roborock T6 can distinguish them so that we can set that at 12: 00 will be cleaning the salon, and at 18: 00, when everyone has gone home, it will vacuum the corridor. The producer boasts that the new generation has integration with the Xiao AI assistant, it's fun, but we can also associate the current Roborock with Siri or the Googel Assistant. For me, integration with Siri works very well. The built-in rechargeable battery has an 5200 mAh capacity and is enough for 2.5 working hours during which 250m2 will cover the surface.

In order to better collect dirt, the brush dust has also been redesigned. It was also easier to clean them from the hair because the ends can be removed (42 seconds of the movie). Xiaomi did not give up the floor cleaning function in Roborock, it will be necessary to use the overlay the same as it was in the previous generation. Did not you like to wash the replaceable tips? The new generation offers disposable tips that just need to be tacked on with velcro and afterwards discarded into rubbish.

Roborock T6 Robot has been priced in China for 2799 yuan, $ 417. Soon, it should appear in stores offering shipping outside of China, and then you will surely find it here you will find it here.

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