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Xiaomi refreshed Mi Air Purifier Max, the most powerful air purifier on offer

There is nothing to cheat, the air quality in Poland during the heating period is tragic. If you are not aware of the problem, look at the Polish Smog Alert action:

Xiaomi has been providing air purifiers at a low price for many years. The most powerful model available in Poland is Mi Purifier ProHowever, Xiaomi offers a more efficient model, viz Mi Air Purifer Max.

The Mi Air Purifer Max cleaner debuted on the market in 2017. It had 1000 m3 / h performance, but its work was too loud. After more than two years, Xiaomi decided to refresh its most powerful product to fight smog. The new Mi Purifier Max emits only in silent mode 33,5 dB, unfortunately this resulted in a drop in performance, to 700 m3 / h. For comparison, the most popular 2S model in Poland only cleans 310 m3 / h.

The new Mi Air Purifier Max costs 2199 yuan in China, $ 312.

  • I wonder what the technical changes are about, because achieving a lower volume level in low operating modes with DC motors is rather trivial. With such large filters, the resistance on the low ones is not large, so the fan can spin. From a practical point of view, such a large CADR of 1000 m3 / h is rarely needed in one device, because even in the kindergarten room it is wiser to insert 2 devices, because it is better to cover rooms with clean air. Such a large CADR is already a huge wind, which causes many problems.

    We are waiting for a new one in Poland. We will test it on RO 🙂

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