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Xiaomi presents new wireless mice for less than $ 10

Today, Xiaomi presented two models of a wireless computer mouse, talking about: Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 and Xiaomi Mi Wireless Lite. The undoubted advantage of the new devices is the price, the Lite model costs only $ 5.5, and the more expensive "two" is the cost of $ 8.4.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Lite has almost identical construction as previous model, Xiaomi gave up the button on the left side of the housing, where the thumb rests naturally. The button allowed you to quickly go back to the previous page. I am glad that there will be no button in the new version. Personally, I always go back using the keyboard shortcut. Once, I accidentally pressed the back button on the mouse. Unfortunately, this happened during the creation of a longer entry, I have already written + - 600 words and everything is lost ... from that moment I often write the text.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Lite

The mouse is powered by one finger (AA, 1,5V) and connects to the computer via the 2,4 GHz frequency.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Lite costs in china 39 yuan, $ 5,6.

Now it's time for Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2, a more prestigious model. This is the first mouse on which Xiaomi placed the inscription "Designed by Xiaomi". The mouse has a symmetrical appearance, so it can be used by both left and right hand people. The scroll is made of anodized aluminum and the mouse body is made of ABS plastic.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2

The mouse has an optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 1000 dpi. It has no built-in battery, it is powered by one AA battery. Xiaomi declares that the battery will last a whole year of daily use after 5 hours a day.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 costs in China 59 yuan, $ 8.4 and is available in two colors: white and black.

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