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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S with shipping from Poland on Aliexpress!

A few weeks ago Xiaomi presented the second generation of the best-selling autonomous vacuum cleaner in the world, Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S. The most important change from the first generation is a completely new function of distinguishing and naming rooms.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S from Polish

The new version was presented by Xiaomi three years after the debut of Xiaomi Mi Vacumm Cleaner. The new model 1S is slightly larger than its predecessor, these are millimeter changes, you will not even notice the difference. The weight remained unchanged and is still 3,8 kg. The battery also has the same 5200 mAh, but the new generation is stronger by 3W, the power has increased from 55W to 58W.

Xiaomi decided to move the front sensor to the top of the device. Thanks to this it is "safe", it is additionally protected by durable glass known from smartphones, Gorilla Glass.

The refinement of the LDS sensor makes it even more accurate. The room map shown on the smartphone now includes rooms. You do not have to clean the whole house, just send a message to dust the living room, for example. No need to mark the area on the map. In combination with voice support, room recognition will be a very useful upgrade!

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S from Polish

Xiaomi also declares that the artificial intelligence has been improved in Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S. The vacuum cleaner will better clean critical points such as the area around the legs from the table or chairs. Thanks to this the vacuum cleaner will finish its work sooner.

Increasing power by 3W increased suction power from 1800 Pa to 2000 Pa. Working time on a single charge is still around 2,5 hours thanks to more optimized operation. When the battery level drops below 20%, the Mi Vacuum 1S will automatically return to the charging station and will start again when the cells will charge at least 80%.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S I've already described in this entry. Today I decided to publish one more because I noticed that the equipment is available on the site Aliexpress with shipment from Polish warehouse. Certainly there are people who will be interested in this fact.

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