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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 unpacking. He is already with us and we are starting tests!
Xiaomi MI Note 10 10

Several days after placing the order in the store Xiaomi Mi Note 10 came to me. I chose the most fashionable color this fall, i.e. green, namely Aurora Green. Key features of Note 10? Fivefold camera on the back, the main one has 108 megapixels! The second, equally important is the size of the battery, Mi Note 10 has a fire 5260 mAh, it's 30% more than in Mi 9 Pro!

I picked up my smartphone a few hours ago from the courier, check what is in the box and my first impressions. In the box, of course, I received the Mi Note 10, and besides: a charger (with a European input), a charging cable, a transparent case, papers and a needle to remove the SIM card.

Standard box contents. everything as in previous models. I was most interested in how the green color will look live. I didn't open my smartphone until late in the evening and the color didn't knock me down, as it is too shiny for me, I would prefer a matte shade. I will wait for the light of day with the final assessment, maybe then I will change my mind.

OnePlus 7 Pro has been testing for several days and I have to admit that in everyday use a curved screen is a nice thing. Mi Note 10 also has a curved screen, but unlike OnePlus, it does not have a factory-fitted protective glass. Who likes it like me, i.e. without glass, no problem, otherwise you should buy it on your own.

If you have questions about Note 10 then write in the comment, I will try to help. I also encourage you to follow fanpage and a Facebook group in which I will publish my hot impressions with Note 10 until the final review is published.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, in Facebook group I have already published an approximation test. If you are interested, I invite you.

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