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Xiaomi has added a new QIN safe with vein reader on Youpin

The new safe was created by Shenzhen Duojia Technology Co., Ltd and is sold under the brand name QIN. The safe can be opened with a "finger reader". This time it's not a mistake, but I wrote it specifically. The QIN product has a vein reader, not a fingerprint, which is currently mounted on smartphones.

good place for a safe, middle of the room ... 🙂

The product was made of metal and has the dimensions 412 mm x 290 mm x 18 mm and weighs 11 kg. The battery with 4400 mAh capacity is responsible for supplying the smart function. To charge, use the microUSB socket. The safe connects to the smartphone, the Mi Home application via Bluetooth in the 4.0 version.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the safe scans the veins in our finger, not the fingerprints. According to the manufacturer, this is a safer and more precise way of verification. When someone tries to force security, the safe will activate the alarm siren and send a notification to the owner's smartphone.

The QIN safe with vein reader has been priced in China at 599 yuan, $ 85. It is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. So far, 310% has been collected, and 3 days are left to the end of the collection. Shipping to the first customers will start 30 December 2019 year.

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