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Xiaomi announces its own eboook reader!
xiaomi ebook reader

The Xiaomi ebook reader has an 6 e-ink display with pixel density 212 ppi. For comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite from 2018 has 300 ppi, but the Kindle 10 from 2019 only 167 ppi. The Xiaomi product allows you to read books also after dark, the screen has 24-gradation brightening.

Now a bit about gutters, Xiaomi Ebook Reader has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB for data. The quad-core Allwinner processor clocked at 1,8 GHz is responsible for computing power. The device works on the Android operating system in the 8.1 version.

The battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh, will last for several weeks of daily reading. The cell is charged with a USB type C socket. The reader supports various formats, e.g. doc, epub and pdf.

The Xiaomi ebook reader has been priced in China at 599 yuan, $ 85.

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