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Why push a suitcase? Xiaomi has added a suitcase on Youpin that will follow you

It is thanks to the function of following the set promise that I decided to buy the DJI Spark drone. Now the COWAROBOT company has decided to implement a similar function in the travel suitcase, the suitcase will automatically follow the owner.

The suitcase apparently looks very normal, like its "not smart" counterparts. Plastic body, four wheels and telescopic handle, standard. The dimensions of the case are 555 mm x 383 mm x 22 mm and weighs 4,5 kg, the manufacturer specified the capacity at 31 liters.

COWAROBOT Robotic Suitcase

The most important element of the smart case is in the handle. It is inside the camera that is responsible for the location of the owner. Cowarobot ensures that the suitcase is able to avoid obstacles and even passers-by. Personally, I doubt it.

A self-driving suitcase with a power bank!

Four motors powered by a battery with capacity are responsible for driving the suitcase 6400 mAh. The manufacturer declares that this value is enough for 20-kilometer walk with a suitcase. The battery can be quickly and easily removed to recharge or replace with a fully charged battery. It takes 5 hours to fully charge.

COWAROBOT Robotic Suitcase

The battery not only drives the wheels, but mine also serve as Powerbank, the case has a USB A socket and can charge your smartphone if needed.

What if the signal is lost or stolen? If the suitcase loses connection with the smartphone, we will receive a notification.

COWAROBOT Robotic Suitcase

COWAROBOT Robotic Suitcase was valued in China at 1999 yuan, $ 285. It is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. Fundraising has been going on for several days and the new project has collected 1223% of the amount needed. Shipping will start 29 November 2019.

PS. It is already on offer Banggood.

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