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This is what Redmi Note 8 will look like with a liquid cooling system

Already in 6 days the Redmi brand will present a new smartphone, namely the Redmi Note 8. The previous Redmi Note 7 model has exceeded the number 20 million sold copies and thus became the best-selling Redmi smartphone.

Redmi Note 8

We already know that Redmi Note 8 will be equipped with SoC from the Mediatek brand, and exactly Redmi will use the model G90T. The processor has a lot of computational help, within 300 000 AnTuTu. The system, however, has one drawback, high operating temperature. Therefore, Redmi will equip your smartphone with a liquid cooling system, it will definitely improve the heat dissipation. A graphic depicting the effect of using liquid cooling has been published on the Weibo social networking site. The flow of liquid with a temperature from 4 to 6 degrees Celsius provides a constant level of FPS during virtual gameplay and reduces battery drainage.

Liquid cooling is not the only card Redmi discovered before the release of Note 8. Another graphic has been published on the Weibo social networking site, this time showing the battery capacity of Redmi Note 8 Pro. Inside the phone there will be a 4500 mAh cell.

... I remind you that Redmi Note 8 will finally have NFC! Two days ago, Xiaomi made available to Chinese users a site where they can reserve Redmi Note 8 for themselves. The number of entries has already exceeded one million, applauding.

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