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DEM-HS200 steam iron from the Deerma brand

If you follow the page on a regular basis, you probably know that Xiaomi Youpin came today towel dryer with disinfection function, but this is not the only novelty today. A steam iron from Deerma brand has also been added to the Xiaomi Youpin offer, which can also disinfect clothing.

Deerma iron can work both horizontally and vertically. This is the second option for me much more convenient. Just hang shirts on a hanger and "iron", you don't have to bother on an ironing board. Inside the device is a water tank with a capacity of 110 ml. The device generates 1000W power.


The steam escaping from the Deerma iron reaches a temperature exceeding 180 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer ensures that the high temperature will allow to fight 99,9% bacteria.

Deerma DEM-HS200 steam iron costs in China 269 yuan, $ 38. During the crowdfunding campaign it costs only 199 yuan. The iron has already collected 566% the amount needed, and 13 days left until the end of the collection. Shipping to the first customers will start 6 January 2020 year.

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