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Roborock P5 - a new model of the "Xiaomi" autonomous vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi and Roborock are two brands that live in symbiosis with each other. Without Roborock, Xiaomi would lack facilities to create an autonomous vacuum cleaner, and Roborock would lack marketing and good reputation among Xiaomi fans. There are really many vacuum cleaners in the Xiaomi offer, some are presented under the Mijia brand, the other under Roborock, and others are products Viomi. It's really hard to understand, in my opinion, there is too much of it (just like Mi and Redmi smartphones ..).

Yesterday the network received information about another model that will go on sale: Roborock P5 whose sale will start 11 October at 10 in the morning in China. The P5 model is equipped with a new LiDar Vision laser sensor that allows scanning of the entire room in 360 degrees, with even greater precision. The SLAM algorithm will also be improved to measure the distance to obstacles that the vacuum cleaner will encounter on its path. Thanks to the improvement, the vacuum cleaner will avoid obstacles without interrupting cleaning.

Roborock P5

The engine in the P5 speech model will offer 1800 Pa suction power. The battery inside with a capacity of 5200 mAh will provide 2 hours and 30 cleaning minutes. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to vacuum the surface of 250 square meters. Same as the most popular model Roborock S50, the P5 version will offer floor cleaning. The water tank has a capacity of 180ml.

The vacuum cleaner will be compatible with the Xiaomi Smart Home system, and of course the Mi Home app. In China, you will have to pay 5 Yuan, $ 1999 for Roborock P280.

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