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Powerbank for emergency starting the car from 70mai

The Xiaomi ecosystem already has power banks for charging smartphones, laptops and other "small gadgets". 70mai has presented a new wonder, a universal power bank with a capacity of 11 000 mAh with which you will not only charge your smartphone, but in an emergency will start the car.

70mai declares that the product is compatible with gasoline engines up to 4.0L and diesel engines up to 2.0L. Like to 4.0L, and the Pole fired V8 4.2L, there is power! Inrush current is 250A and the peak current is 600A.

Powerbank can easily handle Polish winter. Works well at temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius. To charge small gadgets, use the USB A port that offers 5V voltage and 2.4A current.

In addition to the powerbank charging function, the 70mai also has an LED with three modes of operation. Normal light, strobe and SOS signal. A device charged to 100% will transmit an SOS alarm signal for 48 hours.

Emergency powerbank for starting the car from 70mai is available on AliExpress. with shipping from a Polish warehouse. The device will arrive in a few days, just before winter. 8 pieces remain in the Polish warehouse.

The set consists of: powerbank, jumper cables, case and charging cable.

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