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A new "smart" litter bin in the Xiaomi Youpin store

Over a year ago Xiaomi presented the first smart trash bin. It had a motion sensor that automatically lifted the lid up when we wanted to throw something, after a while it closed so that unpleasant odors get out. But that was not all, he was also able to seal the bag when it was full and replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, you still have to remove the sack and take it to the trash ... 🙂

I wanted to buy the basket mentioned above, but the price scared me away. Stores offering shipping outside of China have valued the product at over PLN 300, which in my opinion is too much for the trash can, even for the smart version.

Now on the Xiaomi Youpin platform a new Tonew T Air model has appeared, which is more expensive and in my opinion worse. Why worse? Because it has no cover and is always open.

It still has the function of automatic replacement and closing of garbage bags. To do this, press one of the two buttons on the housing.

The dimensions of the new model are 284 mm x 284 mm x 342 mm and weighs 2.8 kg. It has a built-in battery, which according to the manufacturer is enough for 30 everyday use.

The open Tonew T Air trash bin has been priced in China at 299 yuan, $ 42.

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