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New Xiaomi / Youpin 18 products - 24 November 2019

The table below contains All products Xiaomi / Youpin that went on sale last week and are sent to Europe. If you see new products in the coming week from any store, please contact me. I can overlook something myself, together we will not omit any product. If you notice a product cheaper in any store, add a link in the comment, everyone wants to buy as cheaply as possible.

USB hub$8
Card case$ 13.2
Socket adapter$ 8.9
A lamp above the table $ 70
F1 car blocks$ 105
Universal lighting lamp$ 11
Crayon container$ 6.4
Container, e.g. for wired headphones$ 2.6
Ettravel ui on the Oclean toothbrush$ 11
Scooter insulation$ 24.3
Belt for correct posture$ 59.4
Fat free fryer$ 130
36l suitcase$ 100
Aquarium$ 230
Safe$ 100
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