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New Xiaomi bricks, this time an excavator

Xiaomi offers "intelligent" Lego blocks, it is robot which can be controlled using a telephone, but of course you have to fold it first! In addition to intelligent bricks, Xiaomi also offers collector's products, which you can not control using a smartphone, but provide the joy of folding itself. You can buy among others race car, crane i tipper. Now an excavator has joined this group.


The set consists of over 900 parts to submit. Xiaomi took care of the smallest details, the arm is movable like a real excavator. The tracks are made of plastic covered with a non-slip, rubber coating ensuring proper grip during play. Excavator dimensions after folding are 44 cm x 15 cm x 15,5 cm.

The MiTu dill was priced in China at 199 yuan, $ 28.

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