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Molinks is the new electric scooter on Youpin

Molinks joined the list of Xiaomi partners and presented an electric scooter on the Youpin sales platform. The scooter has a futuristic design, "nitro" and lights in LED technology.

The scooter is available in two versions. The basic version has a Bosch electric motor 800W, it's enough power to get speed 45 km / h. A more powerful engine model is also available 1200W, which translates into maximum speed 55 km / h.

Molinks electric scooter

The battery powering the scooter has a capacity of 20 Ah and voltage 60V, the range of the scooter depends on the driving mode we choose. The Molinks scooter has three modes:

  • normal - maximum speed 25 km / h - range 145 km
  • quick - maximum speed 35 km / h - range 110 km
  • sporty - Maximum speed 55 km / h or 45 km / h depending on the model - 90 km range

An interesting option is also the "Great"Which activates maximum power for 60 seconds, during which you can, for example, quickly pass an obstacle. After the 60 seconds have elapsed, you must wait the 10 seconds before you can activate "nitro" again.

As befits a modern scooter, traditional clocks have been replaced by an LCD display. On the display you can check, among others: battery consumption, selected driving mode and current speed. The scooter weighs 69 kg and the manufacturer ensures that it is designed to carry people with a maximum weight of 180 kg.

The basic version with 800W power costs in China 5499 yuan, $ 788. The more powerful variant generating 1200W is the cost 9090 yuan, $ 1300. The Molinks electric scooter is currently in the funding campaign. 12 days left until the end of the collection and so far 539% of the amount needed has been collected. Shipping to the first people will start 19 December 2019 year.

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