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Mijia Power Screw Drivers - cordless screwdriver from Xiaomi

About Wiha screwdrivers from Xiaomi, almost everyone has already heard, it is a reliable and proven set of bits with a screwdriver. I especially recommend the set 24 1 in, he has unscrewed every screw with me so far. Recently, Xiaomi presented a product for the more "lazy" people who do not have time to spin the strength of their muscles.

I am talking here about Mijia Power Screw Drivers.

Xiaomi battery screwdriver

Mijia Power Screw Drivers is a cordless battery screwdriver whose body is made entirely of metal. The screwdriver is powered by a 2000mAh battery. The battery can be charged using the included USB Type-C cable

The screwdriver is equipped with a really powerful engine with a clamping power of 5 Nm We get the screwdriver in a neat case with a charging cable and bits placed in a separate box

Screwdriver like any other allows you to adjust the left / right rotation, but here we make changes using the knob which is located in the back of the body. On the opposite side, where we mount the bits, there is a ring with LEDs. Unlike other devices, the screwdriver itself detects the need to turn on additional lighting depending on the brightness of the environment and all this after applying the bit to the workplace.

The set includes the following bits:

Xiaomi battery screwdriver is available in the store

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