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Kuo: "iPhone SE 2" will cost 399 $

Another day and more information from Ming-Chi Kuo analyst. This time he reports that the new "iPhone SE 2" (don't be fooled, certainly the new iPhone will have a different name) will cost 399 US dollars, which is the price identical to the iPhone SE on the day of its release.

Earlier, the analyst reported that the new, cheap iPhone, will debut at the beginning of 2020 year. This will probably happen in the first quarter, and more precisely in March. The iPhone SE debuted just this month at the Apple Spring Conference. The smartphone will get 64GB or 128GB memory (to choose), 3GB RAM and an Apple A13 Bionic processor. Silver, space gray and Product (RED) colors are to be available. The overall design will be almost identical to the iPhone 8 model, the 3D Touch will disappear and the Haptic Touch will appear, which is not surprising when looking at the latest models of smartphones from Apple.

Kuo predicts that Apple has ordered production from 2 to 4 million pieces of the new model from suppliers on a monthly basis. Total sales of "iPhone SE 2" are expected to reach 30 million pieces in 2020 year. The target group of users is the current owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and older models. These smartphones have not received updates to the latest iOS 13 release, which may be an incentive to switch to a new model.

Personally, I think Apple may also abandon the 6s, 6s Plus and SE models next year, exactly at the WWDC conference. iOS 14 may not be released for these devices, but this is not a foregone conclusion. The A9 chip in them is efficient and even today provides very good performance in everyday use. I would like these models to live an additional year, because they can be used by less demanding users, and software updates are always more security.

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