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Jony Ive disappeared from Apple - the end of an era

Apple has removed Jon Ive from their site where the company's executives are located. This means that I've officially left the company, as announced earlier.

Ive led a team of designers at Apple since 1996. He was promoted to the position of Chief Design Officer at 2015 and began to be responsible for all design at Apple, including the appearance and experience of using products such as iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch. He was also responsible for the appearance of their packaging. Ive also been responsible for building designs such as Apple Park and Apple stores.

In June, Apple announced that Jony Ive would leave the company as its employee to build their own company, which is called LoveFrom. He will lead it along with his colleague Marc Newson. Apple has announced that it will be one of the main clients of the new company.

Apple reported that Jeff Williams will "spend more time" working with the design team in their studio. Evans Hankey and Alan Dye, vice presidents of Industrial Design and Human Interface design at Apple, will now respond to Williams as a result of changes in design composition.

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