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iPhone with 4,7 inch screen in the spring of 2020?

We are ahead of the September Apple conference, which will probably be devoted to both hardware and services. The successors of current smartphones and streaming services will debut. However, there are reports of new premieres.

Nikkei report tells us that Apple plans to release a new 4,7 inch iPhone in the spring. It would be the spiritual successor of the iPhone SE (which I use and love for its handiness). The phone, like the SE on the day of release, would be the cheapest device in the rate.

The iPhone SE is still a great and efficient device today, but the 4 inch screen may deter some. The new 4,7 inch iPhone would be technically similar to the 7 or 8 model, because these phones use such LCD displays. It is unlikely that we would receive a phone with narrower frames and an OLED display or even an LCD (Liquid Retina).

The new iPhone would have today's components, probably an A13 processor. It is unclear whether they will receive Touch ID or Face ID, but judging by the price, the face recognition option is unlikely.

Like the SE, the new smartphone would be called a device that "cleans magazines" since it would be similar to the iPhone 8. SE had some of its twin components with the 5S model, such as the screen, front camera and internal components (such as an antenna).

Personally, I'm waiting for something around 5 inches and with narrow frames. I dream of Apple creating phones that differ only in the size of the display and the capacity of the battery, but I think it will never happen. I don't want to go with the pan in my pocket just to be able to use all the new technologies. If I want a large screen, I reach for the iPad.

Do you have any wishes or predictions about new Apple products?

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