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Geometry Smart Fish Tank is a new, intelligent aquarium that Xiaomi added on Youpin

Xiaomi has added a new aquarium called Geometry Smart Fish Tank to the Youpin sales platform. It is a smart aquarium, heater and other functions we can manage from the application on the smartphone.

The aquarium is available in two sizes, which are still small: the smaller version has 15 liters capacity, and larger only 30 liters. The set includes a two-function pump. The first function is aeration, the second function is to pump out water when it needs to be replaced. What's more, the Geometry Smart Fish Tank will notify you when the water is too dirty, it has a built-in TDS sensor.

A heater is another must. In the Geometry Smart Fish Tank product, the temperature can be adjusted in the range from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius using the smartphone application. The aquarium has RGB LED lighting, the color of the light can also be adjusted using the application.

The most interesting smart function is automatic feed dispenser. The aquarium can "spit" karma at set times or we can do it remotely by reaching for the phone. The container is able to contain provisions for fish for a seven-day trip of the household.

Aquarium Geometry Smart Fish Tank has been valued in China at 499 yuan, $ 71 for the smaller model i 699 yuan, $ 100 for the 30 liter model. The product is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. Over the two days of the collection, he collected 630% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first people will start only after the new year, exactly 11 January 2020.

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