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Yeelight dimmer - cool, but you can only control Yeelight lamps

Dimmer is a device that was missing in the smart home ecosystem offer Xiaomi. What's true, you can use the wall buttons and by pressing one key you dim and the other brighten up, but this is an average convenient solution. The knob in the dimmer is definitely more convenient and simply faster. It would take much longer to get to the desired level. Dimmer Yeelight, however, has one big downside which I did not realize when I ordered in China.

Dimmer Yeelight reached me very tired of the journey, the box was, to put it mildly squashed, yet the content remained in perfect condition. In addition to the Yeelight Dimmer itself, there is also a manual in Chinese. The housing is made of high-gloss plastic, which makes it very easy to catch dust. When I take pictures, I can say that it just attracted him.

Chinese stamps which can be seen in the largest picture is a sticker that explains all possible ways of using a dimmer:

  • pressing - switching on / off
  • rotation - change of light intensity (lighting power)
  • pressing and turning - changing the color of light
  • double press - change day / night
  • long press - adjust the color

There are two versions of the dimmer: concealed for placement in a square box and surface mounted or glued to the wall, for this I decided. The battery lasts for two years, so no problem. On the back is already double-sided tape just peel off the protective foil and can be glued to the wall. If you have a straight line without a rough surface it will definitely stick. At the top there is a button for pairing, and at the bottom there is a diode that informs about the dimmer's operation.

I must admit that I had problems pairing the Yeelight dimmer with my smart home system. First, I checked the Mi Home application, but it was not on the device list. Then I launched the Yeelight application and there was no dimmer there. In the user's manual there was a QR code to be scanned but moved to nowhere. After about 10 minutes I found a solution. In the Yeelight application, I went to the Yeelight ceiling, then I chose the remote control, and there, to my surprise, a new dimmer automatically appeared.

Yeelight Dimmer

In my opinion it is a minus that the dimmer appears as a pilot. I would like it to offer the possibility of any configuration, but unfortunately it is not. The Yeelight dimmer can only be paired with Yeelight lamps. If you have two lamps in the living room, one dimmer is enough. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with RGB Yeelight bulbs and LED strips. Yeelight Dimmer can only be used with Yeelight lamps that are equipped with a remote control and a dimmer can replace it. If such a restriction does not bother you then you will be satisfied with it. Works very well, reacts immediately. When buying, pay attention to the version you are buying, whether it is plugged or glued to the wall. Both versions available they are hereI prefer wireless 🙂

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