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Lenovo Air wireless headphones unpacking

I have tested wireless headphones from three manufacturers: Apple, Xiaomi and BlitzWolf. Now another company joins this group, Lenovo with their headphones called Lenovo Air. I am curious how they will handle the competition, I will start with unpacking.

Lenovo Air unpacking

Lenovo Air headphones have an attractive appearance, the case looks stylish. Inside there is a magnet that automatically closes the case, like a trifle and enjoys it. I do not like "loose" elements, closure of the case eliminates this problem. In the set, together with the headphones, we get a cord for charging the case and three types of rubber tips to match the shape of the ears.

I did not have any problem while pairing the headphones with the phone. After pulling out of the case, bluetooth on the phone automatically detected new equipment. The next time you pull out the headphones from the case, you automatically connected to the paired smartphone, there is no need to "enter" the Bluetooth settings.

The sound in the headphones is clean, but for me it could have a bit stronger low tones. BlitzWolf FYE-3 in this matter they have a slight advantage. I only use the Lenovo Air headphones for an hour, but I've already discovered the first minus in them. The manufacturer gave up the touch panel on the headphones and replaced it with a physical button. The fact of pressing a physical button is more certain than a touch pad brush, but the pressure of the in-ear headphones to your ear is not a comfortable solution. I definitely prefer a gentle tap of the touch panel rather than pressing the earpiece into your ear. If you do not need to press the button, the Lenovo product wins with BlitzWolf in terms of comfort. They have a more ergonomic shape, thanks to which they "lie in the ear" better.

I received the Lenovo Air headphones for testing from the store The store gave me the "YRmiFVQC" discount coupon, lowers the price at $ 31.99. I am curious how they will manage at the gym. rather they will not fall out but I have to check it during training.

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