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BW-SHP7 is a double intelligent socket from BlitzWolf
BlitzWolf BW-SHP7

I tested a few months ago single smart BlitzWolf socket and made a very positive impression on me. The BW-SHP6 socket has proven that full-fledged smart products do not have to be expensive. The BlitzWolf brand is constantly expanding its offer and has recently been sold BW-SHP7 double socket, of course, I ordered immediately to test.

The product has one, but significant minus that prevents use in the double socket. All by setting the pins, the BW-SHP7 can only be inserted vertically, which "loses" the second socket. When we insert the BW-SHP7 into the upper socket, there will be no place to insert the other plug into the lower socket.

Therefore, if you have a double socket in the wall, after using BW-SHP7 you will still have space for two plugs. It is a pity that the BlitzWolf product cannot be used horizontally, thanks to this the "bottom socket" could still be used and we could power three devices.

Another small minus is schuko plug which the Blitzwolf socket has. Schuko has a prong in a place other than "our Polish", which causes us to lose grounding. Most appliances do not have grounding, but e.g. washing machine or fridge does not fall off.

In the picture above you can see button on the side wall, it is used to manually control the left socket. The same button is on the second wall and with it you can manually turn the right socket on or off. It's nice that the BlitzWolf brand has not forgotten about such detail.

It's time to connect the socket to our Wi-Fi network, let it become smart!

To manage the BW-SHP7 socket you need the BlitzWolf application that will automatically detect new devices ready for pairing.

Both sockets are separated in the application, thanks to which it is possible to switch on only one. It is the same with the timer, also you can set only for one of the two sockets.

The BW-SHP7 has a built-in wattmeter, which measures how much connected equipment the power consumes. In this case, the value is not split into two sockets and I present the combined consumption of both. If you want to receive separate results, you should buy two single sockets.

The wattmeter is not the only cool feature offered by the Blitzwolf product, another is Google Home integration. So you can control the sockets using the Google Virtual Assistant.

..All for only PLN 55, so the double BlitWolf socket costs only $ 14

Double socket BW-SHP7 is a complete product. After the two minuses mentioned above (it covers the second socket + schuko plug) it works very well. line Blitzwolf is an interesting alternative to Xiaomi Smart Home that lacks such sockets ...

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