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Apple is considering adding AirPods to next year's iPhones

Apple is considering adding AirPods wireless headphones to its next generation smartphones. This information is provided by the Taiwanese edition DigiTimes.

The report tells us that "Smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are thinking of adding their wireless headphones to new smartphone models, starting from next year," I would not be surprised if Xiaomi was the first to launch such an idea.

I think Apple is not likely to make such a move. The price of the iPhone would then have to increase significantly, and the headphones themselves are not cheap. Apple is certainly aware that it's time to add something more than just EarBuds together with the iPhone, but they certainly won't be AirPods. At least not now. In the future, such a move is possible, as well as not to add headphones at all.

For now, AirPods Pro are very popular, despite their price. Apple reportedly increased production in China's factories to meet high demand.

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