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Another locator on the Youpin platform

A few weeks ago a locator was presented at Youpin Ranres, it is a twin device to the novelty added last week. As you can see from the campaign statistics, it is in demand for such gadgets in China. During the 4 days of fundraising in the crowdfunding campaign, the device collected 1857240 yuan, i.e. $ 260 000 and this is 938% of the required amount.

The principle of operation is simple, the device is paired with a smartphone via bluetooth and attached to the keys, backpack, wallet. Using the application, you can trigger the device's audible alarm and thus locate e.g. keys. We will also receive a notification when the bluetooth connection is broken, useful when we forget, for example, the wallet. In addition to triggering an alarm in the application, you can also view on the map where the locator is located. The locator is powered by one CR2032 battery, which is enough for several months of operation.

The device is dedicated to the Chinese market, in Poland it will be a better choice Notion which connects to the Yanosik application and other users. All it takes is for someone to have the Yanosik application installed nearby, and NotiOne will send information about where it is currently (even if it is tens of kilometers away).

The new locator for Youpin has been priced in China at 99 yuan, $ 14. Shipping to the first people will start 14 October 2019 year.

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