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Amazon Video Prime in the offer of the T-Mobile mobile operator

Netflix is ​​the leader on the Polish video streaming service market. The service created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in recent months has been intensively developing in the country on the Vistula River, more and more Polish content is available. The second American giant, Amazon Video Prime also decides to conquer the Polish market and has established cooperation with a mobile operator, the T-Mobile network.

Amazon Prime Video

From October, both new and existing users will be able to subscribe to the Amazon Video Prime service and pay for it as part of the bill for the T-Mobile telecommunications service. During the promotional period, the price for monthly access to Amazon Video Prime is PLN 13, after the promotion the cost of access will increase to PLN 26.

Personally, I have not found any Amazon streaming offer on the "Polish Internet" so far. However, I met with a positive opinion of people who have already purchased the service, according to which the substantive value of the content exceeds Netflix's production. If you are curious what the online video rentals from Jeff Bezos offers, the promotion is currently underway and 7 test days is too free of charge.

What I like most about Amazon Video Prime is X-Ray, a function that scans all the actors in the production we were watching. Watching the movie on a smartphone or tablet in the upper left corner we see the X-Ray option, after pressing we get information about the actors appearing in a given scene. We can check the films in which he appeared, photos from various productions and another fragment in the film we are currently watching with his participation.

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