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Amazfit X - a futuristic band from the creator of Xiaomi Mi Band

Three devices were presented at today's Huami conference. Two watches: Amazfit GTS and Stratos 3 and the Amazfit X band, I will start with the band, it is a product that appeared quite unexpectedly. Before the conference, no leaks about the upcoming competition for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 came to the network. You may not know, but the Amazfit brand, which is owned by Huami, is also responsible for the production of all Xiaomi wristbands We Band.

The premiere of new Huami devices is behind us, which product would you like to have? Amazfit GTS, Stratos 3 or Amazfit X?

Opublikowany przez Tuesday, 27 August 2019

End of admission, let's focus on the new product, Amazfit X. During the presentation, the company representative emphasized that the X model is the fruit of millions of dollars invested in research and development to develop a curved structure. Amazfit X has an AMOLED screen with the diagonal 2,07 inch from 326 ppi, for comparison Mi Band 4 has only 0,95 inch. The new product has a screen more than 200% larger than the "king of smart bands". Unfortunately, this significantly shortened the battery life. Built-in, also curved battery according to the manufacturer allows 7 days of work on a single charge, poor result.

Amazfit X

Unfortunately, Huami has not yet disclosed the price for the Amazfit X band. The product will not be available until 2020, it is currently a concept product.

Below I shared a video with the official presentation of Amazfit X at today's conference. There is one minus, it is in Chinese and there are no English subtitles.

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