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Amazfit GTR is a watch with daily charging once a month
Amazfit GTr 47 mm steel

Those who followed the website were probably already reading the review Amazfit Verge Liteif you haven't read it please. In my opinion, the above watch has one big "flaw", the appearance. The envelope looks "plastic", it is a strictly sports construction and is not even suitable for an everyday shirt, only for tracksuits. Without looking at the look, this is a very good product. It has a super AMOLED display on which all notifications are readable, allows monitoring of physical activity / sleep and most importantly, up to 20 days on a single charge. What about the Verge Lite gutters in a nicer "box"? That's what Huami did and presented the Amazfit GTR. The smartwatch is available in two case sizes: 42 mm or 47 mm, the larger version has a leather strap, it convinced me and I decided to place an order in China.

Amazfit-GTR review

Amazfit GTR 47 mm is available in two case colors: Aluminum Alloy Case and Stainless Steel Case. I decided on the second option, and honestly admit after a few weeks that I made the wrong choice. I wanted a stainless steel watch finished in high gloss, but I did not notice that there is a dark ring around the display that "bites" with the rest of the case. The second, darker variant has the same ring, which I think looks better in combination with the dark envelope. I could have made a better choice. 🙂

Amazfit Verge Lite notifications

I praised the screen in Verge Lite and I will praise the same in Amazfit GTR. Unlike the sports brother, the display is even larger, this time the AMOLED screen has an 1.39 inch diagonal and 454 x 454 resolution. The pixel density per inch is 326 ppi. The iPhone 8 screen has the same value, it's probably a sufficient recommendation in favor of the Huami product.

In addition to touch control, the watch has two physical buttons on the right. The upper one is used to return to the main dial, while the second one is personalized and allows you to assign a shortcut to another function. My copy has a bug in the software, specifically in the menu. I have the Status option twice, and Workout is missing. I cannot start monitoring physical activity using the touch panel and menu. Assigning the bottom button to Workout solved this problem.

Super battery and weak Always on Display

The battery with a capacity of 410 mAh does not look impressive when we look at the capacity of the cell, the situation changes when we look at the working time given by the manufacturer. Amazfit GTR 47 mm offers 24 days on a single charge according to the manufacturer, and this value can actually be achieved. I will say more, an even better result can be achieved. On facebook profile of our website Jarek posted a screenshot of the Amazfit application. He still has 44% battery in his watch, and last charged 18 days ago! It is not so good for me, but the result of 20 days on the battery is sensational as for a watch with such a beautiful screen. I would like to emphasize that I have heart rate monitoring and SMS / EMAIL notifications on all the time and from several applications.

Always on Display in Amazfit GTR 47 mm
This is what Always on Display looks like in Amazfit GTR 47 mm

The Amazfit GTR has the Always on Display mode. The screen does not go blank and always presents the time and information about the day of the week. In my opinion the function has three disadvantages and it is definitely better not to use it. First of all, apart from the time and day of the week there is no more information, you will not see notifications of missed calls or unread messages. The second disadvantage is as soon as we move the wrist to see what time it is, the watch activates the normal mode. You can turn off your wrist movement as a wake-up smartwatch, but why? The last disadvantage is the huge drainage of the battery, when I turned on Always on Display, within a day the battery level dropped by 20%. In my opinion it is better not to use this option, since we do not look at the watch, why should it "shine"?

Heart rate measured 24 hours a day

Elegant sports smartwatch

The watch offers the ability to monitor twelve types of physical activity, such as running, walking, elliptical cross trainer, cycling, swimming, skiing and strength training. It's nice that during training, the watch constantly shows a graph with the heart rate value, not just shaving the value. You can check exactly whether the current value lasts longer or if it is just a momentary jump. Another useful feature about physical activity is the ability to enter the exact distance after training on the treadmill. I have mentioned more than once that I go on the Xiaomi treadmill and play on the console. Holding the pad means that not all steps are counted. Usually the distance registered by the watch is 20% smaller than the treadmill shows, so I always set the distance from the treadmill display after "training".

Plus for Huami, that from the level of the watch you can preview the last few trainings. We will check how we have done recently in a simple and quick way. The preview contains all the information that the watch registered during training, among others heart rate graph and running route if you were running outside.

Leather belt and pool?

The GTR is IP68 certified and can be submerged up to 50 meters. You can swim with it, it will probably affect the condition of the leather strap. In the service AliExpress. you can buy a silicone strap and replace it when we go to the swimming pool.

Amazfit GTR also allows you to check the weather for the next few days. The user has at his disposal an alarm, the ability to control music, compass, stopwatch, timer and here I have one caveat. It is a pity that the timer does not appear on the main screen in the background. I often set the timer for a longer time, e.g. 30 minutes, and then I would like to use the watch normally and see the remaining time in the background. Unfortunately, Amazfit GTR does not allow this, all the time only the countdown is visible which can easily be accidentally turned off.

To manage the watch we use the Amazfit application, which is simple and transparent. The entire application interface is in Polish, so there will be no problem with setting the watch "underneath".

Now it's time for the disadvantages

What watch has drawbacks? Certainly no NFC and microphone. You cannot answer the call or reply to an SMS dictating the content. Another disadvantage for some people may be the lack of built-in memory, you can not upload music. Some watch owners complain about GPS accuracy, but I can't fault Amazfit GTR in this regard. The Sony chip works very well and there is no problem establishing a connection with satellites. The only thing that doesn't work properly is the menu I mentioned above.

One more disadvantage I would forget about, the watch has no Polish interface. Management is so intuitive that even people who do not know English will not have a problem with service. By the way, it will be a good opportunity to learn a few basic words.

Is it worth buying a GTR?

In my opinion, yes. Very long battery life, AMOLED screen and elegant design are the most important advantages of the Amazfit GTR watch. It works very well for monitoring physical activity, everyday use, and it also looks good on hands.

I would use it again but ... I won't cheat, I finished GTR testing and I will return to Apple Watch. If I hadn't been "sitting" in the Apple ecosystem, I would still wear the Amazfit product. For me, in two respects, Amazfit is even better than the Apple product: graph of heart rate during training and excellent battery life. The need to charge the Apple Watch every day is sometimes annoying.

Amazfit GTR 47 mm is available in the store Gearbest and Banggood. When ordering in the Gearbest store, select Priority Line shipping, and adequately when you decide on Banggood, select Priority Direct Mail (both shipping methods protect against VAT).

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