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Wine cork with LCD display from Circle Joy

Today, a new Joy Joy wine cork has been added to the Youpin platform. Circle Joy specializes in creating gadgets for consuming wine and other drinks, just check their offer on the sales platform Youpin.

The main task of a wine cork is to pump out the air from the inside of the bottle and create a vacuum effect. Thanks to this, the wine will retain its original taste considerably longer. The new Circle Joy cork has the dimensions 46 mm x 86 mm and was made of stainless steel intended for "food" products. The biggest novelty compared to previous models is the LCD display. We find information about the progress of pumping out air, ambient temperature, the level of charge of the built-in battery and information about how long the bottle is closed.

Circle Joy wine cork with display was priced in China at 179 yuan, $ 25. In a few days it should appear in stores offering shipping to Europe.

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