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Polish premiere of Xiaomi Mi Note 10. I thought it would be cheaper ..
Mi CC9 Pro

A dozen or so days after the premiere in China, he made his debut in Poland, of course we are talking about Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (sold in China under the name Mi CC9 Pro). It is currently the best smartphone in terms of the quality of photos taken, ex aequo with Huawei Mate 30 Pro! What makes it different from the Huawei product? It is definitely cheaper!


You do not have to scroll to the end of the entry, I will immediately reveal the most important, i.e. the price. Behind Xiaomi Mi Note 10 6 / 128 GB with Polish distribution you have to pay 2499 PLN. You can choose from three colors: Black (Midnight Black), Green (Aurora Green) and White (Glacier White).

Mi CC9 Pro

Advance sales will start on November 25 and regular sales on December 2. I ordered my copy a few days ago in China and it is very likely that I will receive it in November. I will add that I bought it definitely cheaper. For less than PLN 1900, I put here link if you would also like to save a few pennies.

Is it worth buying Mi Note 10? If you do not need top computing power, and you mainly care about the quality of the pictures taken and the huge battery, then yes! Mi Note 10 has a battery with a capacity of up to 5260 mAh!

You can find the Mi Note 10 specification, i.e. CC9 Pro here, I published the post after the premiere in China.

  • Michał - according to DXO, the quality comparable to Mate 30Pro has the 10PRO version (i.e. a premium edition), not the usual ten without a pro. The PLN version for 2500 has different main optics (7 lenses instead of 8) and a darker wide angle with a different matrix.
    Reviews from western bar portals also say that there are problems with energy consumption when unused.

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