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I have checked TV Box other than Xiaomi Mi Box TV ... Tanix TX5 Max

TV Box Tanix TX5 MAX in line with the advertising slogan was to change my "good old TV" into a home entertainment center. The only thing he did was irritate me terribly and with his wonderful action he provoked up to a few words beginning with the letter k.

I wanted to approach it professionally (as much as I can, that is not enough) but with this product it is really hard to live in symbiosis. Perhaps 0.01% of the world's population would like this product, but in my opinion for ordinary Kowalski absolutely no.

In my opinion, televisions are very specific products other than laptops or telephones. They require a decidedly differently designed user interface. Tv Box Tanix is ​​such a hybrid: a combination of telephone, PC and some TV. From the android phone he took the system (ordinary android, not Android TV), from the computer the need to use a mouse, and from the TV an infrared remote control which you need to "aim".

I would survive this, I could operate the remote control directed to the IR diode in the TV box, if it were not for this underdeveloped user interface. Half of the application must be operated using the cursor (eg you can see from the left side how I took a screenshot). Okay, we're tiring the cursor, hitting the button and what? It still does not work, as it turns out in some buttons only the left side works, the right one is inactive.

Tanix TX5 Max

Ever since I own the Xiaomi Mi Tv Box, I considered the TV set as a very good addition ... and then I came across a Tv box from Tanix.

Tv Box Tanix has a pre-loaded Alice UX system overlay which includes Play Store, Netflix, Youtube, Kodi (with add-ons), it all seems cool. I will start from the Play Store to use it with the remote control included in the set, switch to the cursor mode, you can not switch between "tiles". The situation is exactly the same with the Netflix application, using it with the cursor (using the remote control) is damn comfortable! And using the mouse in addition is in my opinion a misunderstanding for TVs.

Kodi was cool when there was no Netflix

The Kodi management works very well, all commands jump well from the "tile to the tile", you do not need to use the mouse. The problem here lies elsewhere, the additions uploaded to the Kodi application with the movie library, series and football matches in the idea itself are cool .. when they work. I cured it a long time ago when Netflix entered Poland. Kodi's been messing up too often. Movies are, but you can not watch them. Sometimes they load, sometimes not. I definitely prefer to pay and watch a movie in Netflix than to waste time trying to run Kodi.

Tanix TX5 Max
Football Replays plugin with matches

The Football Replays plugin is fun, I have not even seen that it exists. In its database has streaming games from all the most popular leagues in the world. The recordings come from Unfortunately, it's like all the content on Kodi, it's great if it works. Mostly when you want to watch it just does not work.

A good addition to your TV without Smart TV is only TV Box with Android TV!

That's why I will always recommend Xiaomi Mi Box TV. Using it is pure pleasure. Netflix, Youtube, sending photos and videos from the phone is all you need. I am amused by people who want to open a web browser on a TV, why ... This device is not for this, it is equipment for video consumption!

Is it worth buying Tv Box Tanix TX5 MAX? No. In my opinion, it is only suitable for a small group of people who need an "open system".

At this point, I am considering not only the product of Tanix, but the vast majority of TV Boxes that do not have Android TV. For ordinary people, the only right choice is equipment with a system adapted for TV, not a system from a smartphone.

I will skip technical issues, in technical products the technical specification goes to the background. The most important features are Wi-Fi working in 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz and remote control, unfortunately infrared.

I received the test equipment from the store, rather, they will not be satisfied with my opinion, well ... it's hard.

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