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Heated pillow with "speaker" is another novelty on Youpin

Nowadays, everything has its smart counterparts, the same must be with a sleeping pillow. What can an intelligent pillow offer? The JSEIF brand presented the product it offers Masaz, warmth and playing your favorite songs.

In the first issue, i.e. massage JSEIF pillow uses low frequency pulsation (1000 Hz), which is supposed to provide a feeling relaxing massage.

Thanks to the use of carbon nanotubes, the cushion is able to reach the desired temperature in just 3 seconds, adjustable from 38 to 53 degrees Celsius.

The last function I mentioned was playing music. The cushion does not have built-in traditional speakers, but uses bone conduction technology. The sound will be audible only to the person whose head will rest on the intelligent JSEIF cushion. I am curious how this technology works in practice, someone has already tested bone conduction headphones?

smart youpin pillow

The pillow comes in two versions, male and female. Are you sure you wonder how a male pillow differs from a female pillow? Let me explain. Due to the difference in body shape, the pillow for men is 3 higher by centimeters so that the "head lay better". The pillow is controlled by the remote control or the Mi Home application in which we also find sleep statistics.

The JSEIF smart pillow has been valued in China at 299 yuan, $ 43. The product is in the financing campaign, but it does not enjoy huge interest, as per Xiaomi Youpin standards of course. During the 5 collection days, the pillow collected only 416% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first people will begin 14 December 2019.

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