Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition has 10 000 mAh in pocket size. Here you can get coupon

Xiaomi has made its new Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition official, a new portable battery that stands out for its compact design and that we will soon see in the global market.

Here you can buy it

The extremely compact power bank from the Xiaomi brand comes to the international Banggood e-shop. There is also a discount coupon, and the price is really great.

In the order, it is necessary to select the Standard Mail Register transport. As the value of the power bank does not exceed € 22, you will not have to pay any customs duties. Delivery takes place from a Chinese warehouse.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition: Compact but with fast charging and reversible USB C port

In detail, the new Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition is presented as a power bank of just 90 × 60.3 × 24.4 mm, along with a weight of 201 grams. As we can see, Xiaomi has returned to its origins, offering us a great capacity without giving up a compact design.

And, despite its small size, this new battery has a total capacity of 10,000mAh , specifically a nominal 5,500mAh. In addition, it has multiple connections among which we find 2x USB A , 1x USB C and 1x microUSB.

Beyond its size, the new compact power bank offers multiple connection options. To charge other devices we find two conventional USB ports and a USB Type C socket capable of offering a charging power of 22.5W.

In addition, to charge the power bank itself, its USB Type C port is reversible, thus having a 18W charge that allows us to charge its 10,000mAh in just a few hours. Likewise, its microUSB port will also allow us to charge at this same power.

The device has a small check button and multiple security measures against electrical problems or heating of its internal components. You find detailed information at official Xiaomi website.

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