IMILAB EC3 is very price friendly security camera with FullHD video, 270° rotation and works also as WiFi extender

Xiaomi IMILAB EC3 is a waterproof, mobile outdoor camera. Its big advantage is that it can be used with the Xiaomi Home app, so it can be used with other Xiaomi products on a single platform, within a single app. Not a penny, but not a brain expensive.

The global version called IMILAB EC3 comes from original chinese version with name IMILAB N2. The cameras are almost the same, but each is intended for use in specific regions.

Here you can buy it

The global version of IMILAB EC3 camera is not expensive at all due to its functions. It is available from a global retailer Banggood who offers it with a discount coupon. Currently available also in Czech warehouse with 7-days delivery for European customers.

IMILAB EC3 Global Version

Video review + video sample:

IMILAB EC3: All features

One of the usual camera shapes is elongated and the EC3 also follows this structure, combined with white. At the same time, it also follows from its construction that it cannot be moved up and down, only to the side (at 270°). It can of course also be set up and down manually.

Fortunately, no savings can be made on the camera’s sensor either, as it is a Full HD camera that can be used with wired internet and wifi (dual wifi antenna). You can take videos and pictures remotely with Android and iOS apps.

There is also a color night vision function (in very minimal light, the traditional night vision mode can be used). When motion is detected, it can signal on the phone and the recording can be viewed. Some areas can be subtracted from motion detection and can differentiate between animals and humans.

It can record to a microSD memory card (up to 256GB), NAS drive and has wifi, wired internet can be used and can also save the recordings to the cloud (automatically uploads a 10s video in case of an alarm).

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