How to delete junk files in MIUI from your Xiaomi mobile phone memory

Delete junk files from the memory of your Xiaomi mobile: one of the problems that Xiaomi has been fighting lately comes from the fact that, as a result of the launch of MIUI 12, those users who carried out the update noticed that their smartphones suddenly began to produce a large amount of junk data, which of course is accumulated in memory.

We all know that this junk data, although in principle it does not cause any damage, in the long run it can cause problems.

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The device may slow down and decrease its performance over time if this junk data is not erased.

Another problem that garbage storage in memory usually brings, we see when we run out of space for the installation of applications, a nightmare for any Android user.

Delete junk files from the memory of your Xiaomi mobile – There are already too many complaints from users

With MIUI 12, the most recent software update from the Xiaomi company, complaints from users have increased and this has caused too much noise.

There are already numerous reports from users who, after having installed the update to MIUI 12, have discovered that the SD card of their device overflows with unnecessary files.

This is how junk files looks like

In the case of the “miuigallery” extension there is a proliferation of files which in a normal situation should be automatically deleted. However, these files continue to generate non-stop.

How to remove them?

Well then, we are going to show you below how you can free junk data from gallery to regain storage space and speed. All this in a simple way. No need to become root, although we must download a particular version of MIUI Gallery application.

Also, on the website above you can find other APKs that can be useful to you at any time, so keep that in mind. Once the application is installed, just enter the file manager and manually delete those files that contain the .miuigallery extension.

Similarly, it will be necessary to delete the ZMAN folder, which is the element in charge of collecting junk files on Xiaomi devices. And that’s how easy it is to delete junk files from the memory of your Xiaomi mobile.


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